Collection: memory quilts

Stay warm and snuggle your memories.

Pricing for memory quilts varies greatly based on the number and type of shirts/jerseys and other preferences. Interfacing makes these quilts four-layers as opposed to three. Square sizes are 12-15"

A basic estimate is $20-$25 per square of the quilt. T-shirts are easier to work with, while sports fabrics and jerseys take more time and care. This price includes all thread, interfacing, a batting layer, and fabric for the back layer. Love is also included.

Additional fees may be necessary if the shirt/jersey requires special sewing to include it in the larger quilt.

Additional options include: sashing (fabric gridlines between squares); a border or frame around all of the squares (in addition to the binding); and tabs to hang your quilt.

Steps in the project process

  • Contact to discuss your project. 
  • Complete the memory quilt project form (will be sent to you)
  • Clarifying questions may be asked regarding your project. An estimated price for your project and timeline will be provided. 
  • Pay your $100 deposit, which will be applied to the total cost of the project.
  • Prepare your materials. Mark your shirts/jerseys that have graphics on both sides to denote which side or if both sides should be used. Include the materials you would like included in the quilt. Up to 3 additional items may be included in the event they are needed.
  • Make arrangements to drop off or ship your project materials (location options will be provided to you).
  • Let's get crafty. Clarifying questions may be asked regarding your project and the materials provided.
  • You will receive a draft layout photo before sewing begins. At this time, you can move any of the squares around.
  • You will be notified when your project is complete.
  • Make arrangements to pick up your memory quilt or have it shipped to you.